‘Batmanning’ – the latest craze and version of ‘planking’

London: A new craze has emerged in the form of what has been dubbed as `Batmanning`, which sends a sudden rush of blood to the head as people dangle precariously by their feet.

Before it took form, the Internet craze called “planking” had been very popular, with people simply lying face down at odd places, the Sun reported.

Pictures of the new trend have been popping up on websites and they show enthusiasts practising at home and in locations such as indoor car parks.

Planking hit the headlines after a fan fell to his death performing it on a balcony in Brisbane, Australia, and the new version is already being slammed as even more perilous.

Apart from the threat to life and limb, daredevils also face the risk of ending up with a headache.


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