Being angry is a waste of energy, says Nicholas Cage

London: Nicholas Cage, whose upcoming thriller flick `The Frozen Ground` shows him playing a cop chasing a serial killer, has admitted that being angry is a waste of valuable energy.

The `Ghost Rider` star has confessed to the Sun that throughout the beginning of his career, he would trash his trailer and insult people because he thought it was the best way to get into character.

When the Oscar winner was asked what he wished he had known at 18, he responded saying he wished he had not been so angry at that age.

The actor, 49, revealed that he was a wild guy with a lot of energy and didn`t know where he was fitting in.

Cage said that he wanted that energy to go somewhere and he wanted it to be constructive rather than destructive, but he did not have a clue in which direction to take it.

He asserted that finding a career in acting was lucky, as it allowed him to express his feelings.

He insisted that he could have gone either way and could have possible ended up in jail.

Cage added that another thing he wishes he knew at 18 is that manners are very important and being polite costs nothing.