‘Birth of twins with Mariah Carey was over the top’: Nick Cannon

London: Nick Cannon has revealed that the birth of his twins with wife Mariah Carey was “over the top”.

The 30-year-old actor also said that the 41-year-old singer gave birth to their twins in applause, music and perfect lighting.

The ‘We belong Together’ hitmaker had ordered her 1995 live performance of ‘Fantasy’ to be played as she gave birth to the babies so that they could be born to a round of applause.

“It was definitely over the top. I was the production manager of the whole production. I was the DJ. I had the camera on one hand,” the daily Mail quoted Cannon as saying.

“The lighting had to be perfect. My wife was like, ‘if you’ve got a camera, you make sure the lighting is right.’ The doctors were adjusting the lights.

“But it was amazing because she wanted a certain song to be playing when the babies came out.

“She wanted Fantasy, from her live performance from Madison Square Gardens so they could come out to a round of applause.

“It was a production, holding the camera, hitting the record, like ‘They`re coming, let’s go’,” he added.


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