Boy George advises Adele to quit smoking

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2011, 12:23 PM IST

London: British singer Boy George says he has to give a friendly advice to Adele to give up smoking as she suffered from many vocal troubles.

Adele, 23, had an operation on her vocal chords recently and George thinks that she should quit smoking to avoid further trouble, reported Mirror online.

"If you`re a singer and you smoke it really isn`t a great idea. I gave up smoking six months ago which was the best thing I ever did. I used to try to convince myself it made me sound jazzier," George said.

George, 50, who sang with Kate Moss this week after she pledged 20k pound at another charity gig, said "It was very difficult to give up but I`m so glad I did."

Adele was forced to cancel tour dates and promotional appearances for the rest of the year because of the recurring problem which required surgery earlier this month.