Britney inspired Cheryl to hit the gym

London: Pop star Cheryl Cole is famous for her petite figure and the pop star has admitted she drew inspiration from singer Britney Spears at one point to maintain a toned body.

"One woman recently told me she had a picture of me on her fridge to encourage her to go to the gym. I remember feeling exactly the same about Britney Spears when she did the `I`m A Slave 4 U` video," said Cole.

Spears released the popular track `I`m a Slave 4 U` in 2001 which became a top ten hit worldwide. Cole said she recently found that her shoulder blades are her best feature and that showing off her back can be sexy yet subtle while filming a video with her band Girls Aloud, reported Contactmusic.

"I first noticed my shoulder blades in a Girls Aloud video where I was wearing a backless dress, and I thought, `I quite like them!` A woman`s back can be sexy. In a really subtle way. And I absolutely love my long hair - it`s almost like a security blanket," said Cole.

The 27-year-old singer also said she maintains her stunning figure by eating healthily and having respect for her body.

"I did the Atkins diet at the start of Girls Aloud because I`d put on a bit of weight - until then I`d never been on a diet in my life. Nowadays I just try to eat lots of proteins and vegetables. I really believe that whole `you are what you eat` philosophy," said Cole.


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