Bruce Jenner blames sun exposure for skin cancer scare

Los Angeles: Bruce Jenner has blamed sun exposure in his youth for his recent skin cancer scare but said he is doing fine after surgery.

Jenner said he got red spots removed around his face, but there was one that specifically caused more issues than others, reported E! News.

The former Olympian said his skin cancer was caused due to "sun damage from the `60s and `50s when I was competitively water-skiing and living on a lake and all my training outside."

"Nobody wears sunblock back then. I first had one here, just a little red spot. It`s a Basal cell carcinoma, which is basically skin cancer, because it doesn`t heal.

"On the nose, I had a little red spot... The problem with the nose is, there`s no skin to cover it up, to cover up the hole. Then I had to go to a plastic surgeon and he does this whole procedure where he cuts the skin off your nose and replaces it. So it`s a little bit more complicated just to fill the stupid little hole," he added.

Jenner is doing "fine. It`s not anything serious. It`s basically sun-damaged skin."

Jenner was first photographed with a heavily bandaged nose last month.