Bum-lift pants to boost men’s confidence

London: Those body-conscious men who want to squeeze into tight jeans without showing themselves up have something to be happy about-Marks and Spencer has come up with a with a new range of control pants for men.

M and S launched their Bodymax undie range this month.

The 15-pound bum-lift pants apparently raise bottoms by a pert 20 per cent, thanks to their seam-free fabric and design.

And the 10-pound "frontal enhancement" pants have a "unique integral shelf" that bumps up your lunchbox by a whopping 38 per cent.

The store’s Bodymax vest, which tucks in moobs and beer bellies, has already proved a hit with customers.

"These pants are the next natural addition. We have engineered styles that give real results and provide a big confidence boost," a news daily quoted Men’s underwear chief Dave Binns as saying.

Control pants have been famous amongst women and were famously worn by Renee Zellweger in hit chick flick Bridget Jones’s Diary.