Calling me full-figured is just rude, says Christina Hendricks

London: Christina Hendricks was left a little irritated when she was asked if she has inspired other women with her “full figure” in a recent interview.

The 37-year-old ‘Mad Men’ star was offended when asked about her curvy shape, and got her publicist to ask the journalist to rephrase her question.

But fashion editor for Sydney’s Sun-Herald newspaper Kate Waterhouse didn’t seem to take the hint, asking the same question again of the flame-haired star.

“You have been an inspiration as a full-figured woman. What is the most inspiring story that you can remember where you’ve inspired someone?” the Daily Mail quoted Waterhouse as saying.

Seeming a little flustered at the question, Hendricks replied: “Um, I don’t know… I’m sorry.”

The video footage becomes particularly uncomfortable as Hendricks looks at her PR representative to save the day.

But again the reporter asks: “You’ve been known as an inspiration for women as being a full-figure...”

Hendricks interjects, telling the journalist: “I mean… You just said it again.”

The fashion editor does manage to hold her own, however.

Pulling herself together, she apologies, insisting she misheard the PR’s request to discontinue asking questions about her “full-figure.”

According to E! Online, Hendricks later said off-camera, “I think calling me full-figured is just rude.”


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