Cameron Diaz carries packed lunch

London: ‘The Holiday’ star Cameron Diaz carries a packed lunch everywhere because she likes to be in control of her diet.

The 40-year-old actress likes to be in control of her diet so thinks it is an easy thing to make her own meals, even when she is out and about for the day, reported Sun online.

"If I`m out for the day, running around taking care of errands, especially in Los Angeles, most of the time I show up with my own food. It`s my body - I don`t have to have somebody else make my choices for me. So I take it with me and I set up my life so I can do that," Diaz said.

"I`ve built it into my schedule so that I have food that I can just grab out of my refrigerator and pop into my cold pack and take it with me for the day. I`m a woman, I carry a purse so another bag isn`t really a big deal," she added.


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