Can`t control my eating habit: Sharon Osbourne

London: Legendary rocker Sharon Osbourne says she can`t control her eating habits.

"I`m addicted to food and every day I wake up and think, `Today is the day that I`m not going to overeat.` But that`s my thing in life, and I`m overweight, I am, but," quoted her as saying.

"I still have my big binges. Just the other weekend I was hiding from Kelly in the cupboard eating Maltesers; I can eat things in ridiculous amounts. And then I have to hide the wrappers because I know my other daughter Aimee will find them."

Sharon admits her habit upsets her family but she can`t help it.

"Ozzy worries because of my health, but it`s my kids who get really upset. For example, Aimee wouldn`t even talk to me the other night because she was so upset about what I was eating. But nothing works for me. I have a very big self-destructive streak. Everybody has something, but I do everything to extremes," she added.



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