Can you brave these unusual facials?

Reshma Kulkarni

It turns out that the pursuit of perfect skin is not for the fainthearted.

From caterpillars and snakes to blood and fire, there’s nothing too creepy or gory for those who worship beauty.

Milkweed Facial: Caterpillars are known to thrive on milkweed before a snooze turns them into butterflies. Lathering it on your face mixed with yogurt, is known to result in glowing skin with a firm texture. The mixture has hypoallergenic, antioxidant properties, but smells like a baby’s milk-filled spittle. Still want to try to become a butterfly?

Fire Facial: Presently a rage in China, this facial takes the term ‘burn baby burn’ to another level altogether! Known to cure age-related problems from wrinkles to saggy skin, this beauty ritual, called huo liao (fire facial) involves soaking a towel with a secret elixir and alcohol. It is then placed on the problem area and set ablaze for a few seconds before it is extinguished. The trick lies in putting the fire out just before it starts burning the skin. Dare to try for a fiery glow?
Snake Venom Facial: The kiss of the hiss has been beckoning quite a few fashionistas of late. Rumoured to be fast replacing Botox, due to its anti-ageing properties, Snake Venom facials operate on the premise that just as a snake-bite causes the muscle receptors to get blocked; so also, Snake Venom facials (that contain synthetic versions of the venom), cause the same ‘paralysing’ effect on the face, keeping it safe from the cruel fangs of age.

Blood Facial: Definitely not for the weak-hearted; especially if they are striving to become clones of Kim Kardashian, who was brave enough to try this treatment. This treatment takes its cue from Dracula; for, it involves sucking the blood out of a person and applying it to her face! On a more scientific note, the treatment involves applying a person’s platelet rich plasma (PRP) to the face after a laser treatment and is followed by a micro-needling process wherein the skin is dotted with microscopic holes. The PRP is said to prolong the appearance of wrinkles and tauten skin.

Cat Litter Facial: Irritated with your pet kitty pooping at awkward places? Don’t be. Instead, trail the poo and get yourself an inexpensive DIY facial! Sounds zany? It’s true, or so say some beauty addicts. Apparently, cat litter ground into a fine powder and mixed with distilled water can give you the same results as a good clay mask at an upscale spa! As for that yucky smell, a few drops of rosewater or lavender oil will sort it out. The treatment is reported to shrink pores and result in supple, baby-soft skin.

Sheep Placenta Facial: Blame it on (Victoria) Beckham! She’s the one who made sheep’s placenta such a beauty rage! As gross as it sounds, the placenta is known to make skin dewy-soft due to its hydrating properties and also lend it a glow due to its abundant nutrients. Preceded by cleansing, micro-derma abrasion, a glycolic peel and an extraction, the facial is then conducted by smearing the placenta concentrate on the face. Even though the vision in your mind’s eye may leave you distended, reports suggest that the smooth, glowing face shining back at you in the mirror leaves you with nothing more but a broad smile on the face.