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Carrey loves yoga because of lover’s butt

Updated: Apr 03, 2009, 12:54 PM IST

New Delhi, April 03: Jim Carrey has become a huge fan of Bikram yoga, courtesy her girlfriend Jenny McCarthy`s toned bottom.

The actor is absolutely in love with the Bikram yoga – despite having never tried it himself – because he can`t get enough of the 36-year-old former Playboy model’s toned derriere, reports a news daily.

"Jim is absolutely in love with Bikram yoga and he`s never tried it, strictly on the fact he loves the way my butt looks, although he would love me, I think, at 250lbs," McCarthy said.

McCarthy, who has dated the comic actor for three years, has admitted that she works hard to keep in shape.

"I do 90 minutes a day. That`s Bikram yoga and also healthy food," McCarthy said.

However, living with Carrey is causing her healthy-eating regime to suffer because he is trying to out on weight for upcoming movie ``The Three Stooges``, where he will play overweight comedian Curly Howard.

She told Access Hollywood : "He said, ``You know, I`m going to have to gain 40 or 50 pounds for this role.`` And I said, ``Oh my god! I get to be dating Curly!`` That is the greatest thing ever.

"I hope I don`t have sympathy weight because he`s going to be eating donuts and I`m going to be going, ``Ooohhh!`` Especially during PMS," she added.