Carrie Underwood admits suffering from OCD

Los Angeles: Singer-actress Carrie Underwood, who has a hectic touring and recording schedule, admits having Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) about certain things.

"I am OCD. about time, I am early for everything to the point, where it freaks people out. That`s my one - it`s a good thing I guess, but I know it`s annoying to the people around me. I am on time for everything. If I am late something`s wrong, like I have wrecked my car," quoted Underwood as saying.

"My life is so nuts, there are few things I am in control of, but those I am uber in control of. That is why I am on time, because I can control that. Food, I am weird about food, because I can be.

"There is certain organisational things. Stuff has its place all the time. I am not a clean freak, but there are certain things that have their place and that`s the place they have to stay," she said.

Underwood is performing in London Sunday headlining the Country to Country festival at the city`s The O2 venue. She said she`s going to be including a few of the earlier tracks from her debut album "Some Hearts" from 2005.