Cassidy’s workout DVD rated worst

London: Actress Natalie Cassidy’s ‘Then and Now’ workout has been rated as the worst celebrity fitness DVD ever in a poll.

Cassidy, 27, had released the workout DVD in late 2007, and it ended at the bottom of a study that assessed how satisfied or dissatisfied people were with celebrity-endorsed exercise routines.

Her DVD was only narrowly beaten by glamour model Katie Price’s ‘The Jordan Workout’ and Hannah Waterman’s ‘Body Blitz’.

Also in the bottom ten were Coleen Nolan’s ‘Let’s Get Physical’, and yoga DVDs from Geri Haliwell and Jayne Middlemiss.

The research, by sports nutrition brand, found Davina McCall’s ‘Davina Fit’ to be the most effective fitness routine, with 89 percent of respondents rating it as the “most satisfactory”.

“This time of year inevitably sees the release of a new celebrity fitness DVD, so we wanted to look into which ones do the job, and which ones fall short of the mark,” the Daily Mail quoted Mark Coxhead, head of marketing for the company, as saying.

“Although they can be a good way of putting the fun into home exercise, celebrity workout DVDs rarely produce lasting results, as people simply don’t enjoy having to go through the rigmarole of watching the same programme day in, day out.

“For anyone looking to see lasting results, long-term changes in diet and exercise are really the only way to do it.

“Although this can seem like a tall order and many would see using a celebrity DVD as an easy route, making small changes to diet and exercise habits can make the world of difference.
“No DVD, whatever its claim, can contain a miracle weight loss solution.

“The celebrities endorsing the product have undoubtedly lost weight through a great deal of effort, no matter what they tell you during the workout!” he stated.


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