Charlie Sheen gorges on healthy snacks

Los Angeles: Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen`s personal chef Khristianne Uy reportedly says that the actor loves snacking on raw ginger and often organises quiet dinner parties for friends.

Sheen has swapped drugs and alcohol for healthy snacks and his chef said the actor is always willing to experiment when it comes to food.

"He loves snacking on raw ginger. He`ll try anything. He`s cool like that," quoted Khristianne as saying.

"He`ll be like, `Come to the `Anger Management` set, cook whatever you want.` He`s working out again," she added.

Sheen was once known for wild parties at his home, but these days the actor prefers to have friends over for dinner.

Khristianne explained: "It`s just a normal house. We`re usually here for a late dinner and wait for the last guest to leave, but that`s just after midnight. Everyone is pretty much civil around here."