Charlize Theron fears piling on extra kilos

London: Despite flaunting a goddess-like physique, Charlize Theron has revealed that she worries about getting fat.

The 36-year-old actress has insisted that like everybody else, she too needs to work out and battle pimples as she is more of a mere mortal than people think.

“I get fat. I need to work out. I have pimples and I’m getting older,” the Daily Express quoted her as telling the ‘Easy Living’ magazine.

“Everything is happening for me exactly as it is for everybody else.”

And despite having a far better base to start from than the crowd, the 36-year-old actress admitted that she works at maintaining her Aphrodite appearance.

“I have to be disciplined. It’s part of my job so I train five days a week. I practise an incredibly hard yoga called power yoga. I cycle, I spin and I do all sorts of things that I like because that’s the key,” she added.