Chaz Bono ‘saving up for penis’

Washington: Chaz Bono, born as the biologically female Chastity, is paying his own way for his final gender reassignment surgery, in which doctors will construct a penis for him.

Born to megastar Cher and the late Sonny Bono, Chaz is hoping that he would be able to afford the procedure soon.

“I could get a phalloplasty, which builds the phallus from a donor site on your body,” the Us magazine quoted him as telling Rolling Stone.

“But I’m leaning more toward a metoidioplasty. It’s a procedure that uses what you already have [the clitoris] which has grown larger from the testosterone,

“You end up with a smaller phallus than with the phalloplasty, but it’s fully functional, it gets erect, and the sensation is all there, ” he explained.

According to the 42-year-old, the procedure is not cheap and that the cost “depends” on various factors.

“There’s different ways to do the surgery, from real basic to more and more options. It’s like a car.

“Well, I mean, to break it down, the surgery I want to have, I’d like to have the testicular implants and all of that, and I’d like to be able to urinate through it,” explained the star, who recently parted ways with fiancée Jennifer Elias.

“The doctor I want to use is in Belgrade. It’s going to be a little cheaper there. Probably 25,000 dollars, maybe 45,000 dollars, I really don’t know,” he said.

But the writer, activist and Dancing with the Stars alum, who has undergone testosterone treatments for years and got a mastectomy to remove the breasts he had as Chastity, said that life has already transformed for him.

“You have to understand, though, for me the life transformation has already happened,” he added.