Cheryl Cole told to put on weight by docs after malaria scare

London: Cheryl Cole has revealed that she was told to put on weight by her doctors after she was struck with malaria last year.

The 28-year-old beauty was admitted in ICU in London after she collapsed at a photoshoot and subsequently had to spend a week in hospital, where doctors forced her to give up her strict diet and exercise regime to help her get better.

“I just ate everything. The malaria also ate away at my muscles, but let’s not get grim - it opened my eyes to health and things I hadn’t focused on before,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling InStyle magazine.

“I was yellow because of my kidneys - it was a bit like jaundice. It was hard to find a matching foundation, let me tell you! I had to take good care of myself and I was told to stop exercising and to gain weight to get well,” she added.


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