Cheryl ‘was only hours away from death’

London: Cheryl Cole was just hours away from death while battling malaria, it has emerged.

The 27-year-old singer is still on oxygen and a drip.

She is unable to talk and is getting treatment in a top London private hospital.

“We nearly lost her and the battle is far from over. She is so weak and this horrible illness has taken complete hold of her,” a news daily quoted Cheryl’s close friend as saying.

“It got so bad she was literally only hours from death’s door. Thank goodness she was diagnosed in time. Even now she can’t talk. She drifts in and out of consciousness and when she comes round all she can do is sob.

“The fact is, we came close to losing someone very special. She can’t even speak at the moment and doesn’t know what`s happening to her. All she can do is sob. It’s terrifying. And there’s no end in sight,” the friend added.



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