Chew well, keep slim, says Paltrow

London: Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow likes to chew every mouthful of food 13 times to help maintain her slender figure.

"Gwyneth could pass for a 20-year-old. Her figure is amazing, you`d never know she`d given birth to two children," a source told

"She sticks to a very strict macrobiotic diet which involves eating mainly grains and vegetables. She makes sure she chews every mouthful 13 times, at least. She also does organic juice detoxes. It sounds boring but she looks incredible. She works out five days a week and does Pilates," said the source.

However, Paltrow has previously hinted she needs extra help to make sure she looks good, but tries not to diet too much because she wants to enjoy her life.

"For me, sleep is a major thing. I don`t always get it, and when I don`t, I look like I`ve been hit by a truck. `I had to work hard to get like this, but now I`m here it`s so great because I don`t have to think about it. I can just enjoy life. What a relief that is," she had earlier said.