Christian Bale calmed by diet

Los Angeles: Hollywood actor Christian Bale says extreme dieting for his role in ‘The Machinest’ for which he lost 60 pounds helped him to become calm.

The ‘Dark Knight’ star simply survived on a can of tuna and an apple to lose 60 pounds while filming the 2004 movie and insisted that cutting down his food intake helped him to become more relaxed than before, MTV News reported.

"I was the calmest mentally that I`ve ever been in my life. You just go beyond any bodily needs. Your energy gets to such a low point that it all just becomes mental. You felt like some sort of guru that could go sit on top of a mountain," said the 36-year-old actor.

Despite finding inner peace from his diet, Bale who is known for his notorious temper on the film sets swears not to repeat the dieting experience.

"Mentally, it does wonders, but I would never sacrifice the joys, the ups and the downs, the rollercoaster of life for that calmness. I`d rather be getting in there, getting involved and having it a bit more raw than that," he said.

The actor will next be seen essaying the role of Dicky Eklund, half-brother and trainer of Boston`s `Irish` Mickey Ward in the new biopic `The Fighter`.

Bale says he relied more on make-up rather than weight loss to depict the transformation of a drug addict to a reformed boxing coach.

"I had to take it right to the cusp so that I could go with make-up from being the crackhead to also with the help of make-up being the cleaned up Dicky when he got out of jail. I had to do it without the luxury of losing huge amounts of weight in between because we shot the movie so quickly," he explained.

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