Christina Hendricks is proud of her size

New York: In a world where size zero is considered the best, ‘Mad Men’s’ voluptuous master of office politics Christina Hendricks, is poised for even greater fame when her movie ‘Life As We Know It’ hits the big screen.

“Christina has captured our collective imagination,” The New York Daily Magazine quoted Elle magazine editor Maggie Bullock as saying.

“The fact that she’s so different from the standard starlet makes her really interesting to us and to our readers,” she added.

Bullock and creative director Joe Zee authored ‘The Elements of Personal Style’ (Gotham Books), which features Hendricks as one of the 25 most style-savvy women alive.

“Like Joan, Christina is unapologetic,” said Zee.

"She celebrates her figure. She shows off everything she wears, she doesn’t hide behind it,” Zee added.

Zee said that Christina didn’t believe in following trends, rather she created her own styles. Hendricks herself is a bit more modest when it comes to her drool-worthy body.

“People have come up to me and said the most amazing things about my figure,” she said.

“I’m honoured and I’m proud, but I’m also shocked. It’s amazing when you can have that kind of positive impact on other women.”