Cosmetic surgery fine if it boosts one`s confidence: Priyanka

Updated: Mar 21, 2012, 18:11 PM IST

Mumbai: Actress Priyanka Chopra says cosmetic surgery is fine only to the extent if it boosts up one`s confidence level.

"Cosmetic surgery becomes wrong only when it becomes a disease and you stop loving yourself for what you are. When you start thinking that a surgeon`s knife can make you look better than what god gave it is important to accept who you are," Priyanka told reporters at an event.

Interestingly, there were reports that Priyanka, 29, herself had gone under knife to get her nose fixed. But, like any other actress she too had denied going the plastic way.

"As judgmental as we are about cosmetic surgery we (Bollywood actresses) should not be the first and foremost to do it. Not that I believe in cosmetic surgery, I am not judgmental about individual choices. I feel somewhere you lose your confidence because of certain things. But if you can make yourself look better to feel better then I don`t think there is anything wrong with it (cosmetic surgery)," said the
actress, who is known for her pout.

Sultry actress Bipasha Basu is also reported to have underone surgery and so do Shilpa Shetty, Sushmita Sen, Kangana Ranuat, Minissha Lamba, Esha Deol and others, though they have denied the reports.