Curbing sugar is the key to my figure: Eva Longoria

Los Angeles: Actress Eva Longoria is concerned about her body just like everyone else and has quit sugar to stay in shape.

Longoria, 38, who would be seen next in `Out of The Blue`, credited dieting behind her hourglass figure, reported OK! magazine.

"Diet and exercise (are the key to my figure). It`s no secret, really. It`s just dieting. I don`t really eat a lot of sugar. My diet usually consists of no sugar, no carbs, and then I work out with a trainer," she said.

Asked whether it has been difficult for her to curb sugar from her diet, she said, "I was on a no-sugar thing for a couple months, and then I`ll go off it, and then I go back. It gives you more energy and helps you sleep better. It`s the most slimming?it`s the diet that gives me the most results."