Dannii Minogue explains her caesarean!

London: Singer-turned-reality-TV judge Dannii Minogue says her baby Ethan was in incorrect position during labour and that`s why she opted for surgery.

In the upcoming memoirs serialised in the newspaper Mail on Sunday, Minogue writes, "Typically for me, nothing about the birth went according to plan. For a start, Ethan arrived 10 days early, and then we discovered he wasn`t in the correct position for a smooth delivery."

The 39-year-old, who is dating boyfriend Kris Smith, was rushed to a hospital where doctors operated on her, reports the dailystar.co.uk. Minogue and Smith`s son was born in July last year.

"So, after 20 hours of excruciating labour, my plans for a home birth went out of the window and I ended up having Ethan in hospital... But several hours into my labour my initial serenity had evaporated. Because Ethan was in a posterior position, meaning his back was in line with my back and his arms and legs were moving freely across my tummy, I was in absolute agony."


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