Demi Moore’s hospitalisation due to self-doubt:Experts

Washington: Demi Moore, who was recently hospitalised to treat her “exhaustion and improve her overall health,” may be suffering from self-doubt, according to an expert.

E! reports that the 49-year-old is in “total lockdown,” at the Cirque Lodge in Utah, a rehab clinic known for treating the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Eva Mendes and Mary-Kate Olsen.

It is believed that she’s being treated for anorexia and addiction.

Since parting ways with husband Ashton Kutcher, in November 2011, Moore, who popularized the term “cougar” and was known for her ageless physique, has been spotted acting erratic at parties and looking “skeletal” on red carpets.

“When people use the word ‘lockdown,’ it means a locked psychiatric unit where they don’t have the right to leave without giving advance notice, and sometimes without the agreement of the staff that you are ready to leave,” Fox News quoted Dr Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist who has not examined or treated Moore, as saying.

“People end up in a locked psychiatric unit if they generally are thought to be unable to care for themselves – to the point where they could die, or if they are suicidal or homicidal. But, many psychiatric facilities only have locked units, and many people go to them and sign away their right to them when they enter,” Ablow added.


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