Diabetes would affect future roles: Tom Hanks

London: Hollywood star Tom Hanks thinks gaining or losing weight for his future movie roles would be difficult now that he has been diagnosed with diabetes.

The 57-year-old actor, who has been dealing with high blood pressure since the age of 36, recently revealed he has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, a lifelong condition which occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin, reported BBC news.

The Oscar winning actor had to lose weight for his roles in `Philadelphia`, `Castaway` and `Forrest Gump`.

"I`ve talked to a number of actors who have gained weight for roles and just out of the sheer physical toll on one`s knees and shoulders ? no one wants to do it again," Hanks said.

"I think that`s more or less a young man`s game. I`m 57 and I don`t think I`m going to take on any job or go on any vacation again and see to it that I can gain 30 lbs. Gaining and losing of weight may have had something to do with this, because you eat so much bad food and you don`t get any exercise when you`re eavy," he added.

But the actor thinks that he may have got the disease genetically.

"But I think I was genetically inclined to get it. I think it actually goes back to a lifestyle I`ve been leading ever since I was 7 years old, as opposed to 36. Pizza is the most delightful thing ever invented, and it`s for me diabolically dangerous," he said.

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