Diddy can`t sleep without pills

Los Angeles: P Diddy has revealed that he suffers from insomnia and relies on pills to get a sound sleep.

Diddy, 40, used to fill his days with work and parties, but age has caught up with him. He admits his sleeping problem occurs as a result of his old habits of working 18 hours a day and sleeping three hours a night.

"I was proud of working 18 hours a day and sleeping three hours a night, but it`s something now that has turned into a problem for me: not being able to sleep, having insomnia," aceshowbiz.com quoted Diddy as saying.

"I take sleeping pills. I don`t like to take them on a regular basis. Or (I drink) different teas and lavender. I try everything, you know. My mind is always racing, and always going and always working, and it`s a gift and a curse. When I was starting out it was something I embraced, but now it`s something that I hate... It will torture you," he added.



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