Douglas’ bleak chances of survival

London: As Michael Douglas` fight against cancer gets tougher, he may only have very bleak chances of survival, according to reports.

The ailing actor’s painful chemotherapy treatment has been stepped-up as doctors predict his chances of survival.

"It is much more like 20 per cent. He is likely to be depressed and tired. It is very possible he could die," according to Dr Eric Braverman, a New York specialist.

Friends of the 66-year-old Oscar-winning star say he has lost 25lb since being diagnosed in August.

"Michael is gaunt and fading fast. He is desperately weak from the chemo but you can see in his eyes that he’s fighting this." Despite some early hope when the tumour under his tongue shrank after being bombarded with radiation, the friend added: "It’s not looking good now," a news daily quoted one as saying.