Drugs made George Michael lose 15 pounds

Updated: Mar 11, 2011, 08:53 AM IST

London: Singer George Michael lost 15 pounds since he got addicted to drugs.

Michael, who now sports a lean physique, insists he no longer suffers cravings.

"I`m having therapy about my ongoing drug abuse. Hopefully the period where I was a bit lost is over for good. I hope it`s self evident just in the fact I`ve lost about 15 pounds, I hope it`s self-evident I`m not eating as much any more, which should tell you a lot. None of my trousers fit anymore, for the right reasons this time. I`ve dropped about 14 or 15 pounds without really trying," a website quoted him as saying.

"I`ve always been the porky boy in my head. I didn`t know on the last tour I was carrying all that extra weight! Now if anything, I`m a little bit skinny. I have two pairs of black jeans and they`re the only ones that fit me. In my head I obviously think I`m going to put the weight back on so I haven`t bought any new jeans."