Elton`s life began at 43 after ditching alcohol

London: Elton John claims his life was on hold until he turned 43 because he was addicted to alcohol and drugs.

The 63-year-old musician, who married David Furnish in 2005, admits he couldn`t lead a normal life and fall in love until he got sober in 1990, Contactmusic reported.

John also believes if he wasn`t so passionate about his work he would have died young from his addictions.

"My greatest achievement in life was getting sober and clean because I was a real mess. That happened in 1990," John said.

"I don`t know how I kept my career going with my drug consumption but I did because I loved to work. If I hadn`t worked I`d probably be dead," he added.

John also praised many of today`s stars, including Jack Osbourne and Lady Gaga, for overcoming their substance abuse problems at a young age, allowing them to focus on their careers and lives.

He also urged youngsters who want to try drugs to give it a go but give it up as soon as possible.

"If you can do it, and everyone`s going to do it I think because they want to try it, then try and get it over with as quickly as possible, because it`s a waste of time.

"Jack Osbourne, a friend of mine, he`s been sober since he was 18. I spent time with (Lady) Gaga last week, and she said, `You know I got my cocaine over with by the time I was 20.` Thank God. I didn`t get mine over with until I was 43," John said.



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