Eva Mendez finds peace in cemeteries

London: Actress Eva Mendes goes to graveyards to meditate because she finds cemeteries very peaceful places.

The 39-year-old has an odd fascination with graveyards and she often goes to visit the eerie place to escape the stresses of stardom, reported Contactmusic.

"I love graveyards and old churches, I find them peaceful and quiet. It all started 15 years ago when I first visited Pere Lachaise in Paris. I don`t pray though, I meditate," she said.

Mendes also said she keeps herself busy with her career and with her boyfriend Ryan Gosling, who she has been with since September 2011.

The ‘Girl In Progress’ prefers a man who is a gentleman because she is old fashioned.

"I really don`t see what women find in bad guys: I`ve never been into the rebel kind. I feel very old fashioned. At home I listen to Cuban music, take care of the house and fix the flowers. I don`t even wear make-up."


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