‘Feeling good’ can drive away stress in old age

Washington: Many believe that it is important to ‘feel good about yourself’ in order to be healthy, especially as you grow older. But how true is it really?

“We all age. It is how we age, however, that determines the quality of our lives,” said Anthony Ong of Cornell University.

For example, happier people might be more enthusiastic about regularly exercising and budgeting time for a good night’s sleep, an attitude that is especially beneficial in old age.

Studies have found that people with stronger positive emotions have lower levels of chemicals associated with inflammation related to stress. They can even undo some of the physical damage caused by stress.

Ong speculates that if positive emotions are indeed good for our health then, “one direct, measureable consequence of this should be the extended years of quality living.”

The article is published in Current Directions in Psychological Science.


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