Fight flight anxiety with simple tricks

New York: Relaxing on sun-kissed beaches or at lush green destinations may sound exciting, but taking a flight to get there may not be so thrilling. Don’t fret as there are ways to get over flight anxiety.

Here’s a guide to help you conquer your flight fears, reports

- Figure out your fear: The first step is to find out what triggers your fear. Different aspects of flying can trigger different fears, depending on the person. For instance, one person may be afraid of turbulence and feel nervous during a normal takeoff. There can be others who are scared of spread of germs in a confined space.

- Be well-informed about airplanes: To combat anxiety, it is good to have information on what sound aircraft makes before landing or the other bumps and noises that may happen while flying. Once you become knowledgeable, your `what if` thoughts will be limited by the facts.

- Carry a photo of your destination: Visualising your holiday destination and imagining yourself there can be a powerful antidote to stress.

- Skip coffee and alcohol: Avoid both caffeine and alcohol, as they can leave you feeling more dehydrated during the flight. Opt for water and a light meal pre-flight, or carry along a light snack like carrot sticks, nuts, or an apple to keep you feeling nourished.

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