For perfect body, eat right, don`t starve: Piaa Bajpai

Chennai: The secret to have a "muscle-toned body" is not dieting, but healthy eating habits and constant workout, says southern actress Piaa Bajpai.

"I`m completely against the idea of dieting because once you stop it, it all comes back. I believe the secret to a perfect body is to eat right and work out constantly. I have been following healthy food and workout regimen for the last few months and I`m extremely happy with the result," the actress said.

"So many people have noticed the change and have complimented me. For a muscle-toned body, I think it`s very important to follow this lifestyle without any distraction," she added.

Piaa doesn`t undergo extensive workout for any film.

"I`m very ambitious about my career and it`s imperative to stay fit, but I`m not working out for any new film. I have taken up this lifestyle seriously because I love my body. I want to look healthy and stay fit," she said

"I have also learned that my metabolism will change with age and I won`t be in a position to undergo such extensive work out few years from now. My body may not accept it and, therefore, I`m doing this now for long term benefits," she added.

Doling out tips on food items, she recommended eating food that contains less carbs and more proteins.

"I`m surviving on egg whites and lots of salad and fruits. I`m a vegetarian but I do eat egg white because it`s filled with proteins. I leave out the yellow part because it is high on carbs," she said

"I also have `rotis` made from certain kind of flour and avoid fruits in the evening because they are high on sugar content," said Piaa

What about any special cravings?

"I manage with a bar of dark chocolate once in a while in the evening. I also have dry fruits and low fat curd. If I really need to eat something different, then I have an omelette without oil," she said.

Piaa also spends a lot of time on cardio and jogs every alternate day. However, she goes light on body weights and prefers spending time on abs workout.