Gaga advised not to eat late

London: Spiritual advisor Kenny Kingston, who once helped actress Marilyn Monroe process her dreams, has urged pop singer Lady Gaga to stop eating late if she wants to stop her suicidal recurring nightmares.

The "Poker Face" singer recently revealed to a magazine that she`s often haunted by a dream, in which a ghoul asks her to slash her wrists to save the lives of her family members and an unidentified, bound blonde girl wearing Gaga`s shoes, reports

"I would definitely say to stop eating too late at night because you`re letting a negative force enter your body. I have counselled many people on negative dreams it can mean that a negative spirit is trying to take over the person`s body," said Kingston.

"Knives or cutting devices in a dream can indicate an enemy. I feel Lady Gaga has an enemy around her with the initial `C`, as well as a negative spirit around her.

She may need to have a house-cleansing to rid her of this enemy or negative spirit, and, if she continues to have the dreams and encourage them, she may end up needing an exorcism. Also, the notion of suicide in a dream is a sign of negativity and harm surrounding you," he added.

Gaga admits that she is currently taking help of bestselling author and guru Deepak Chopra to figure out some of her dreams. And she can only assume it`s based on a secret society ritual she has read about or seen on TV.



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