George Michael off to rehab

London: George Michael has checked into a rehab to overcome his drug addiction.

"I want to beat my drug addiction and lead a normal life," the Sun quoted him as saying while leaving home in the early hours this week.

As he was chauffeured from his house, he said: "I don`t want to end up back in prison. It`s a very horrible place to be. You`re not considered a person when you`re inside, you`re just a number and that freaked me out. I have done wrong and paid my time for doing this stupid crime and I want to get my life back on track."

George - with his two Labradors - was then whisked away in his Range Rover from his flash pad in Highgate, North London.

His partner, Kenny Goss, rubbished George`s rehab claim as "nonsense" and said he had probably gone out to walk his dogs.

But in the afternoon George`s Range Rover returned - without the star or his pets.

When Kenny was asked where George was, he replied simply: "Relaxing."

George`s aides refused to speculate on where he was.

But a source said: "If he said he was going into rehab, we have no reason to disbelieve him."