Good food, moisturising vital beauty regime for young moms

Updated: May 04, 2013, 16:24 PM IST

New Delhi: Pregnancy can lead to pigmentation, stretch marks and even dull skin, but young mothers can combat all this with good food, proper skin moisturising and regular exercise, says a Delhi-based dermatologist.

The first thing to do is to lead a healthy lifestyle with gentle exercise and intake of a variety of fruits and vegetables, suggests Kiran Lohia, a dermatologist from Cosmedic Skin Solutions.

“Also remember to get your Omega 3 fatty acids in, which will help restore the vitality and elasticity to your skin! You can take a supplement or you can eat lots of fresh fatty fish, nuts or avocado,” Lohia told IANS.

She said moisturising the skin daily will help young moms in tightening it.

“After gaining and losing that pregnancy weight, the skin loses its original tone and tightness. In addition to exercise, it is vital to moisturise twice daily with a strong body lotion. With good hydration, the skin becomes stronger and becomes more able to handle any environmental damages,” said Lohia.

Lohia offered another tip - "Start using products with Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. These miracle agents are derived from milk and sugar and act by naturally exfoliating older, darker and duller skin cells, therefore revealing brighter and clearer skin."

"These actives are especially useful for dull skin and dark marks and patches. It is also ideal for a breast-feeding mother because they are perfectly natural, safe and effective,” she added.