Guy Pearce wants to be moved by his roles

London: Actor-musician Guy Pearce wants to be moved by his film roles and is more interested in portraying an interesting character than getting a lot of screen time.

The ‘Lockout’ actor said the size of the role doesn`t matter for him, reported a website.

"It`s a good part. It`s always important to find interesting characters as, ultimately, I want to be moved by the part. I need to know it has integrity. It`s not the size of the role that matters to me," he said.

Pearce also said it was unfortunate that he didn`t get much time to spend with co-star Joe Gilgun on the set of `Lockout`.

"He was a passionate guy who was also a lot of fun to be around. We didn`t get to hang out too much, sadly. When I`m working, I find that I usually socialise at the beginning and at the wrap party but not the bit in the middle." he added.