Haircare tips for winter

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Hair design and styling professional, Tanveer Mohammed, offers a few quick tips to keep the winter chill from getting to your mane

You’ve probably heard it all before, but a revision won’t hurt. Presenting a few tips for hair that bounces and glows with health.
Lemon Aid
Warm hair oil mixed with some lemon juice applied on the scalp once a week, will help keep dandruff at bay.
Oh Honey Honey
Applying honey to hair roots and wrapping your mane in a shower cap or towel for 30 min., will restore shine and bounce to damaged hair.

Well Oiled
A regular oil massage will improve blood circulation resulting in softer, smoother, stronger and more manageable hair.

Not Too Hot
Wash hair with lukewarm water as hot water tends to dry out the scalp. Allow your hair to dry naturally most of the time and use a protective hair spray when you do opt to use a dryer.

Unconditional Moisture
Don’t forget to condition your hair after you shampoo. A leave-in conditioner will provide an extra moisture boost.

Frizz Free
Combing your hair with a vented hairbrush that contains rubber and boar bristles serves as an effective frizz-control measure.

The Beautiful Hair Diet
Eat salmon, legumes, dark green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, walnuts, beans and other protein-rich food. Drink between 8 to 10 glasses of water daily and don’t forget to workout.


Wash your hair with a product that suits your hair
Opt for a hair cut which is easy to wash and wear
Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo; it removes product build up and chemicals from the hair
Brush your hair daily; it removes dust, dirt and dead cells, stimulates blood supply and distributes sebum along hair shaft
Use a good conditioner
Allow hair to dry naturally
Wash hair after swimming
Eat healthy food, rich in protein and fresh green vegetables
Go for a haircut every 6 weeks; this gets rid of eliminates dry dead hair and keeps your mane in good shape

Expose your hair to the sun; instead wear a cap or a scarf
Don’t tie your hair back too tightly when it is wet. This stretches the hairshaft causing it to break and split
Don’t over style your hair with too many products.

Features of a good shampoo
Spreads easily over the surface of the face
Doesn’t irritate the scalp and skin and eyes
Produces good lather
Wets easily
Is strong enough to remove grease but not tootally strip hair of moisture
Rinses out easily
Leaves hair manageable and shiny

Shampoo Fine Print
Modern shampoo are solutions of soap-less shampoo in water, possibly with additives.
Shampoo for normal hair is a 10 to 15% solution of soap-less shampoo, with rosemary (herb) or soya additives.
Shampoo for greasy hair contains a stronger solution, of up to 50% solution. Egg white or camomile are additives.
Shampoo for dry hair is either a weaker solution, with less than 10% soap-less shampoo or a normal shampoo with added oils such as coconut, olive or almond, jojoba.
Shampoo for damaged hair contains protein

Tanveer Mohammed, Creative Director of Tanveer’s Hair Academy and Studio – Mumbai, has carved a niche for himself as a hair design expert and educator.

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