Harry Styles finds Bikram yoga too hot to handle

IANS| Updated: Oct 24, 2013, 15:14 PM IST

London: Singer Harry Styles `couldn`t handle the heat` at a Bikram yoga class. He found it very difficult.

Styles, shared the room with many ladies when he practised the popular style of yoga, which has as many as 26 postures and two breathing exercises. It has to be practised in a room heated to about 40 degrees Celsius.

"Harry couldn`t handle the heat. The class lasts 90 minutes and is pretty intense, but the girls in the class were ribbing him for having to sit down during the exercises," thesun.co.uk quoted a source as saying.

"He took all the winding up in good spirits and said afterwards it was the `toughest session` he`d ever experienced," the source added.

The One Direction band member was on a trip to Australia when he tried to do Bikram yoga.