Hilary’s tooth ‘fell out’ just before wedding

New York: Hillary Duff has revealed that her tooth fell into her hand just hours before her wedding to hockey player Mike Comrie.

According to a website, the actress opened up about her dental disaster in an interview with Ellen Degerneres.

“My tooth fell out in my hand. Thank God I didn’t swallow it. Not good. Not good for a bride on a wedding day,” a news daily quoted her as telling Ellen, as she laughed.

The 23-year-old singer and actress tied the knot with pro Canadian hockey player Comrie.

“I bit into a bagel. I was sitting on the bed with my mom and my sister and they’re like, ``you’re an idiot you did not. Come on,’” she laughed.

‘Stay Cool’ star said that luckily, her wedding planner had a connection that saved the day just a couple of hours before she had to walk down the aisle.

“This is random, my amazing wedding planner Mindy Weiss … Mindy’s sister’s husband’s best friend is a top dentist in Montecito and she called him up,” Duff explained.

After the dental fiasco, Duff says that the Santa Barbara wedding in front of 100 guests went as planned.