Holly Madison: Pregnancy is awkward

Los Angeles: Reality TV star Holly Madison, who is expecting her first child with partner Pasquale Rotella, is feeling good, but admits she is struggling to adjust to her changing shape.

"I am just getting used to this whole new body. It can be very awkward. I recently started having back pain, which sucks because I can`t take anything for it," contactmusic.com quoted Madison as saying.

"I have gained about 19 pounds which is pretty normal. I feel good, like I am healthy and really where I`m supposed to be," she added.

The 32-year-old, who is due to deliver in March, is already thinking about how to get her pre-pregnancy body back.

"I will probably start slow with yoga and Pilates. I am delusionally confident. I feel like I will be doing some kind of a stage show like a month later. Everyone tells me I`m crazy but that`s what I visualise," she said.

Madison is trying to take care of her body throughout the pregnancy.

"I have been trying to eat healthy for the baby, a lot of green smoothies and fruits and vegetables. And I have pregnancy-yoga and Pilates DVDs that I do as much as I can," she said.