How to make your diet `weekend-proof`

Washington: A weekend feast can easily ruin all the progress that you`ve made watching your diet throughout the week.

But the May issue of Fitness Magazine may just help you to stay on track and avoid cravings.

The CBS lists these tips as under:


"At happy hour: Alcohol makes you hungry because it lowers your blood sugar, as well as lowering your inhibitions about what you`ll eat. Consider ordering a different drink than you normally would - you`re more likely to order a second round when it`s your favorite drink. Also, avoid getting a pitcher of sangria or margaritas, when you can lose sight of how much you`re drinking if someone is constantly topping off your glass."

"Dinner out: Research shows that women eat similarly when they are together - so you`ll consume less if you try to sit next to light eaters. To avoid being swayed by someone`s order, try to order first and make a healthy choice up front."


"Doing chores: When you`re at home and close to the kitchen, eating is a way to fend off boredom and procrastinate. Instead of grazing, make yourself a mini meal - and then take it to another room. Having to walk back to the kitchen will help prevent mindlessly eating."

"At a dinner party: Dinner parties can be challenging for dieters because you don`t have control of the menu and can offend your hosts if you don`t eat. Try to fill up your plate with leafy greens, and if your host is insistent about seconds, suggest taking some home with you instead."


"Sunday brunch: A leisurely brunch is filled with rich menu options. Consider sharing a treat with the table to satisfy cravings and order a nutritious entrée. If the group lingers at the table, have your plate removed - ordering more coffee increasing your chances of grazing."

"Sunday night: If you`ve slipped on your diet this weekend, you may feel like throwing in the towel. To increase the chances you`ll keep things under control, try a portioned snack like a piece of dark chocolate or a low-fat ice cream sandwich. Also consider going to bed early - sometimes people eat in response to exhaustion."