I feel great about my body, says Nicole Richie

Washington: Nicole Richie has revealed that very happy with how she looks at the moment as she has learned to take care of herself.

The mum-of-two, who has battled weight fluctuations over years, insists that she never felt better about her body.

“I feel great about my body. Aesthetically I can be picky, but I choose not to be,” a website has quoted her as telling a magazine.

“I`ve taken huge leaps and I`m proud of that. I work out, and I get lots of sleep, and so I feel great,” she said.

Richie, who also owns many clothing lines, has insisted that people should be prepared to work hard if they wish to have a success story of their own.

“You need to study your craft and know it well before you jump in. I wait all the time because I don`t want to just put my name on something and then release it. What`s the point of that?” she added.