I`m thinking of Botox again: Peter Andre

London: Singer Peter Andre, who has previously gone under the knife, says he wants to get Botox done again in a bid to get rid of his wrinkles.

"I`m thinking of Botox again. I haven`t had it done for two years and I can` decide whether I like my lines or not," Andre said.

"I can`t say I`m not vain because there are too many people who know me! I look after myself. I usually work out an hour a day at least four days a week. I wax my chest but I`ve never done crack, back and sack," contactmusic.com quoted him as saying.

The 38-year-old who was famed for his amazing abs during his pop days in the 90s - also revealed he would like to do a fitness video to show people how to work out in a sensible way.

"I`m not an exercise obsessive. I`d like to do a fitness video because I`ve never used steroids and I don`t overdo it," he said.