I will go under the knife when I hit 40: Robbie Williams

London: Singer Robbie Williams is planning to undergo cosmetic surgery once he turns forty.

The 39-year-old `Take That` singer has been vocal about the pressure to fit in with other stars by having cosmetic surgery for younger looks, reported Daily Star.

"I am going to have everything done. I am going to have a facelift, the chin can go, liposuction. I am going to have it all. I am going to look weird in 10 years` time," Williams said.
"There isn`t a hairdressers in the UK which hasn`t got 50- to 70-year-old women that are trying to make themselves look their best. The midlife crisis theory has been creeping up on me for some time," he added.

The singer, who turns 40 in February, recently underwent a procedure to improve the thickness of his tresses, even though his hairline was not receding.