‘Instant eye-lift’ that makes you look 7 years younger!

London: It’s time to bid adieu to surgeries – now you can buy yourself a 30 pound invisible adhesive strip that gives you an ‘instant eyelift’ and makes you look years younger, a company claims.

Already being used by Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston, the strip just has to be applied to the eyelid; it then pulls it up to reduce droop. The idea - neutralising the excess skin over the eyelids and restoring the eye to its natural youthful shape.

“These little strips can be found in many high-profile handbags and make-up kits,” a news daily quoted Make-up artist Lisa Valencia as saying.

“I found applying them to a young, tired model can instantly give the impression of eight hours sleep and on an older subject it can takes years off by fully opening the eye for the camera,” she added.

For people with deep-set eyes, excess upper eye lid skin or suffer from signs of fatigue, the strips neutralise the excess skin over the eyelids and restores the eye to its natural youthful shape.

Make up can be applied as usual over Eye Secrets. The strips last 12 hours, and after a day’s use, eye make up remover can be applied to loosen them from the eyelid.

“We hope this simply yet ingenious product helps millions of men and women who want the dramatic improvements of an eye lift without the vast expense and inconvenience,” said a spokesperson for Eye Secrets.