Jane Fonda releases yoga DVD

London: Veteran star Jane Fonda has released a new yoga DVD which she describes as a "fun and easy" way to stay fit.

The 75-year-old said that punishing yourself was the main point of classics like her 1982 video `Workout` that sold 17 million copies worldwide.

But Fonda said now that age is catching up with her, she has to adjust the routines that she performs, reported Daily Mail.

"I used to be all about going for the pain. Not anymore. I`m not asking them to do anything too hard. I do them (the exercises) with older people in mind. I want it to be fun and easy for them, but effective," she said.

The actress has been for years coping with osteoarthritis, which causes joint pain. She has had her hip and knee replaced and is still recovering from back surgery which took place in March.

Fonda said she used to do two hours of strenuous yoga everyday but "those days are long gone. It got to be too hard."

Her new yoga DVD is more easygoing and focuses on light stretches that will improve mobility.


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