Janet Jackson had weight issues while growing up

New York: Janet Jackson, who is now become the new face of Nutrisystem diet, has revealed that she had weight issues while growing up and it started when her brother, late pop idol Michael Jackson, teased her about her weight.

The 45-year-old singer, who has now become a spokeswoman for the weight loss diet company, said that being a target of taunts and dealing with body-image issues has prompted her to help others.

She wrote in her book ‘True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself’ that the King of Pop liked to makes jokes about “her butt being too big.”

“Being the baby of the family, you get teased. I carried that through my adult life,” the New York daily News quoted her as saying on ‘Good Morning America’.

Upon joining the cast of the 1970s comedy ‘Good Times,’ the wardrobe woman told her that they would have to bind her chest because her bust was developing too rapidly.

The next season, she was told to lose weight.

Her lifelong struggle with food and self-loathing has inspired her help others, and she said that is one of the reasons she chose to work with Nutrisystem.


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